70 Amazing Social Issue Ads That Made Us Think


By glantz

70 Amazing Social Issue Ads that made us think.

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for anything you can imagine—from furniture to pet food to hillbilly dating websites. Most of the time we just give them a quick glance without thinking twice about what they are trying to say. Every now and then you’ll stumble across an ad that basically slaps you in […]

E(at)TOWN: A Guide to Evanston’s Snazziest Eateries


Evanston is a suburban hub of activity with a growing foodie reputation. As fans of this movement at the Glantz Design studio, we needed an excuse to taste the countless E-Town restaurants. The outcome of our research? This tasty infographic of local don’t-miss dining, narrowed down by the best food and the most intriguing design.

20 Clever and Creative Packaging Designs


By glantz


With the mass of products we blindly browse on routine trips to supermarket, it’s refreshing when a product manages to catch our attention with its unique packaging. Our hats go off to the designers responsible for these 20 genius package designs.

The Evolution of Tennis


By chelsea


Since tennis began in the 11th century, technology has advanced tremendously. Changes in balls, racquets, and even court surfaces have brought tennis to where it is today.

Below is a visual depiction of how tennis has evolved over the centuries.

Share your love and say Happy Valentines Day


By glantz

Happy Valentines Day Design Style

In just 45 seconds you will feel loved.

Top Ten of the Top Ten Design Lists…
For those too lazy to open multiple tabs


So to keep everything a little clearer, a little easier to trudge through, we’ve decided to create the top 10 of the top 10’s. A compilation of the definitive best of the best that every designer should know. The official Top 10 of the Top 10’s*.

So here they are—broken down by category for easy access. This is everything you need to know. Here’s to an inspired, resourceful and productive 2014!

Who has the Best Logo in Sports – Quarterfinals


By glantz


Last week’s online voting narrowed down the field to the Final 8. Now it’s time to see which team has the best logo in each sport. Vote Now to put the Best Logo into the Final Four. Recap of Logo Voting Criteria Here is the criteria that we used to come up with the Final […]

Who Has The Best Logo in Sports? You Decide


By glantz

Who Has the Best Logo in Sports

Creating a good logo is one of the top priorities for an organization’s branding strategy. Like other commercial entities, professional sports teams spend a lot of time on designing their team’s logo. And while a team’s logo may have nothing to do with whether or not their team wins or loses, having a memorable logo can create brand recognition that is priceless and commercialization that’s worth a lot too. We want to see which team from the four major sports in the United States (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) has the best logo. We’ve narrowed the field down to the sweet 16 but now we need your help.

The Evolution of Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy Infographic

Perhaps you have noticed yourself—their ever-changing user interface, cranky Facebook status updaters, and convoluted privacy features (or rather, lack there of).

50 Years in Color


By glantz

Celebrate Color

To celebrate PANTONE’s 50th anniversary, the king of color has designed an infographic that details iconic moments in color of the last five decades.