Who Has The Best Logo In Sports – Finals


By glantz


This is it. Down to the final two logos. We started with 128 logos representing the 4 major sports (in the US) and the finals consists of a team from the NHL and a team from the NFL.

The New Jersey Devils have had easily the best fan support to date, but they also have a very good logo. Named for a supernatural creature that has allegedly roamed the Pine Barrens region of southern New Jersey, The Devils’ logo is a monogram of the letters “N” and “J”, rendered with two devil horns at the top of the “J” and a pointed tail at the bottom. The monogram is red with a black outline, and sits inside an open black circle. The logo lies on a field of white in the middle of the chest on both uniforms. The logo was actually designed by the wife of the Devils’ first owner.

The Denver Broncos logo is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. The organization has had several redesigns over the years. In 1997, they debuted this version that’s comprised of a bronco head with an orange mane and navy blue outlines. The energy and momentum in the illustrative lines is what I think is what makes this logo great, not to mention the implied notion that it will kick its opponent’s ass. The logo was designed by Team Sports, a division of Nike.

To read how we got to this finals you can start from the original post and go round by round.

So, who do you think has the better logo? This voting will span the entire month of October ending on Thursday Oct 31st. We will keep results hidden until then so make sure you vote and share with your friends and/or fellow fans to get the word out.

  • Ted Noskowiak

    The devils!…….is that a real question?… Really?…pfffft

  • Nunn Yabizz

    New Jersey Devils! No contest

  • Kevin Canessa Jr.

    Ironic that they both have a Denver connection, too. But see my avitar for my choice.

  • Michael W. Beatty

    New Jersey Devils!!! Always and forever!!

    • glantz


  • Zdenek Gazda

    NJ Devils # 1 !!!!1

  • Jamey Cicalese

    the former colorado rockies… New Jersey Devils!

  • John Nelson

    The devils… no contest…

  • Karen Burkey

    def the Devils.. no questions!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThaJoka

    This contest is a joke half the competition such. The Cowboys really? Simplist logo ever. Lol and the pelicans? I remember a survey on espn when they changed the logo and 3/4 s hated it.

  • Mike Copp

    my two favourite teams…..how do i choose

    • Dennis

      the devils

  • Calibabe712

    New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey! Yes, my screen name may indicate that I am in CA, but I am a Jersey Girl through and through having been born, raised and live in NJ most all my life. We by far have the best logo of any sports team, period!!! GO DEVILS!!!!!

  • Thomas


  • Matthew Przzy

    NJ Devils

  • Justin Fenech

    LOL is this a joke? devils have the better looking and more dominant looking logo by a long shot! hockey ftw!

  • Marie B.


  • jayarebee

    NJ baby!

  • jimmy gamble

    New Jersey Devils logo all the way

  • SusanB

    Sorry, one is just a horse head. The other an iconic symbol that signifies our state in may ways! Let’s Go, Devils!

  • PhilipS

    NJ Devils! Of course…

  • Andrea Weisbard

    Being that I am a JERSEY girl… is like asking a parent which of their kids is their favorite.

  • Sam Guinto

    Devils, hands down! It’s original, simple, clever, and ties all the important info concisely. Team location, team name, significance to unique local folklore. Then there’s the competition…a horse…ok a bronco…where is the team from?… why a horse?… what’s the significance?… what’s the uniqueness of the logo?… Yes, I am biased, no arguing that…

  • Merry Blakely Graham

    Devils all the way baby!

  • Karen Burkey

    Devils all the way

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  • http://www.link-creative.com/ Link Creative

    Man…The bulls logo holds a special place in my heart. I spent valuable elementary school hours doodling it on my folder in the 90s…