Who has the Best Logo in Sports – Final Four


By glantz

Who Has the Best Logo in Sports Final Four

These 4 are the winners of best logos in their respective sports. They now make up the Best Logo in Sports Final Four.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos won the closest matchup of the week against the Seahawks. Looking back at the Broncos, we are all pretty surprise they have become the NFL’s best logo. They were almost ousted in the second round against the Bengals.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls won in the most lopsided matchup of the week against the Spurs. This storied franchise (and our local team) dominated the NBA on its way to the NBA title. Can the Bulls take this momentum to the championship?

St. Louis Cardinals: The St. Louis Cardinals took down the Baltimore Orioles in the battle of the birds. This matchup wasn’t very close. The MLB logo champions will look to take down the NHL logo champ to advance to the finals.

New Jersey Devils: The Devils fans have come through again. The Devils dominated the Chicago Blackhawks to take the Stanley Cup of logos. They appear to be the favorite to win it all.


In our first round of cross sport matchups, the NFL champion, Denver Broncos look to take down the NBA champion, Chicago Bulls. Two powerhouses of their sport, one will advance to the logo championship.

New Jersey has been the strongest team since we started the fan voting. Can the Devils faithful continue their ways as they face the MLB logo champion, Cardinals?

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To view original blog post and to see how we got from 128 teams down to four you can read the prior blog posts starting here and quarterfinals here

  • Kevin Coté

    Devils all the way baby!

  • KC

    NJ all day!

  • laxbro

    lets go devils

  • Brenda Butler


  • Nathan Bozza


  • Nunn Yabizz

    New Jersey DEVILS of course!

  • Sean Lombard

    Go DEVILS!

  • Merry Blakely Graham

    DEVILS baby! :0)

  • TheIceDog

    As always, the New Jersey Devils are looking good!

  • Kameron McCue

    mb30 bud go devils

  • Devils in 30

    Top 10 comments are ALL for THE- NEW- JERRRRRRRSEY DEVILS!

  • Dawn Rose

    Definitely the Devils!!

  • RockMarz

    who else but the devils? lets go devils!!

  • glantz

    The Devils faithful have clearly come to show the loyalty. But, a simple fact remains, they have a great logo and are clearly the front runner. The Bulls, Broncos and Cardinals also have great identities, but need more critical mass in voting. Hope the best logo wins!

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