Movie Posters Lack Variety These Days


By glantz

Wait, haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Movie posters are all starting to blur together, and the word “variety” has apparently gone out the window. Can we get a little originality over here?

Movie Posters

This hilarious eye-opener was compiled by Christophe Courtois.

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  • Leo Miller

    Wonderfully observative and on target! Several years ago I turned down the high-paying opportunity to work in LA for a major film studio, art-directing “big sheet” posters for new movie products. I was convinced by an old college chum and pro in the LA film business that the culture was alien to a flatlander conservative married guy with kids, that “stars” and their agents have last say on what you do with their image, and the pace of the work allows no forgiveness in delivery schedules, even as the “stars” nix your ideas and you have to start over. Thus, this pastiche of posters represents what Hollywood considers SAFE and marketable. Welcome to the machine.

  • nandor

    great post thanks for sharing